Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance! I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with you. I look forward to doing my pass plus when I’ve saved up. Thanks again, Sarah


Rachel looking out of the open door of her car

Rachael Phillips; instructor/proprietor of One and All School of Motoring is a female, fully qualified, Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSAADIcar), qualifying in 2005.  

Other relevant qualifications include:
Clean driving licence
Certificate in Education
Master Driver
Diamond Special Test (the highest civilian driving test)
Emergency Aid in the Workplace for Appointed Persons

Rachael is a member of the Driving Instructors Association and the Cornwall Association of Approved Driving Instructors.

Rachael actively participates in continual professional development.

A professional manner is maintained at all times, abiding by the following code of conduct:

Code of Conduct

To ensure that the public receives the best possible training and service from the driving school.

To encourage initiative and enterprise in the belief that a properly regulated, but economic, competitive trading by the driving school will best serve the public interest and the well being of the profession.

To ensure that road safety and public interest shall predominate in all considerations of standards of competitive trade between driving schools/instructors.

To encourage growth, development and professional driver education consistent with these aims.