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The Practical Test

Driving Test

The test will last approximately 40 minutes; to pass, you must drive safely, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the rules of the Highway Code. Your examiner wants you to do well and will try to help you relax.

During the test you will be asked to read a vehicle registration plate from a distance of 20.5m for the old style plate, or 20m for the new style. This is followed by 2 questions about the safety and maintenance of your vehicle.

The drive covers a route that includes a variety of different road and traffic conditions, during which you will be asked to drive independently for 10 minutes, carry out 1 reversing manoeuvre and, if the situation permits, an emergency stop. A new “Eco-safe” driving assessment has been recently added, however, this will not influence the test result. This style of driving is proven to contribute to road safety as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The examiner will give you directions and assess any errors you make, graded as follows:

Driving fault – Less serious due to the circumstances at that particular time. More that 15 of these will result in failure.

Serious Fault – Potential danger has occurred or a habitual fault indicates a serious weakness. 1 fault results in failure.

Dangerous fault – Where a fault has caused actual danger during the test. 1 fault in this area results in failure.

Your result will be given to you on completion of the test, followed by a debrief of any mistakes made.